Hi, I’m Mayank Majeji. I run a web design business, where I turn business ideas into websites that convert for online creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners.


I’ve been designing and coding since 2015. I’ve created many WordPress themes, plugins, websites, landing pages, sales pages, and web elements.

I also write technical content, play with technical SEO, optimize websites for performance, and build WooCommerce websites and Learning Management Systems. 

Apart from code, I am a cheerful guy who likes to drink tea, play chess, watch anime, read a lot of books, and enjoy traveling with my family and friends.

Early Life

I was born and raised in Vidisha, India — a small town near a world-famous tourist place, Sanchi. 

Great Sanchi Stupa located near Vidisha

Growing up with a blend of creativity, competitiveness, and big dreams, I’ve always done things that I love which ultimately makes me do everything wholeheartedly.

Despite being an average student coming from a middle-class family, I always had dreams of achieving great heights and creating a comfortable life for my family. 

My childhood was filled with the joy of watching cartoons and collecting action figures, cards, posters, and various memorabilia. 

At the age of 10, I dipped my toes into entrepreneurship, selling Pokémon cards from my collection to a schoolmate. It was a pivotal experience that sparked my entrepreneurial spirit.

I grew up witnessing my father, brother, and even my mother and sister navigate the challenges of running their own ventures, I absorbed the value of hard work and dedication.  

Despite this business background, my desire was always to carve my own path, venturing into something uniquely mine, and steering away from the family business.

This journey of independence and ambition has been the driving force behind my creative pursuits and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Academic Life

At the age of 12, my fascination with the internet took root when my elder brother brought home a desktop PC with Windows 98, a CRT monitor, and a dial-up internet connection. 

Enthralled by the world of computers, I delved into internet cafes at 15, dedicating a significant portion of my savings to exploring the realms of tech, computers, and the internet. What began as a curious exploration transformed into a career choice.

A couple of years later, I enrolled in the computer science branch at an engineering college, driven by the initial goal of learning programming, understanding computers and technology, and securing a job in a prominent MNC. 

However, my journey took an unexpected turn during the 2008 recession in the IT industry. Amidst this challenging landscape, the seeds of entrepreneurship were sown in my mind. 

From day one of college, I pursued my interest in programming, mastering core languages like C, C++, and Linux. Simultaneously, I immersed myself in projects involving HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, setting the stage for the unexpected and exciting journey that awaited me.

Professional Life

The initial phase of my professional journey lacked the conventional excitement that often comes with job hunting.

As my classmates secured positions upon graduation, I never actively pursued job opportunities, finding the prospect less compelling than the idea of starting something of my own.

Of course, life is never that simple.

Instead of chasing job opportunities, I delved into various small ventures, continually honing my skills and experimenting with different projects to generate income. 

During this time, 

  • I ran an institute aiming to teach C, C++, and Linux, 
  • Worked in a web development firm, 
  • Started a web hosting website, 
  • Started a couple of blogging websites, and 
  • Did a lot of grunt work. 

The years spent and several false starts became my motivation and I decided to quit everything and started my own freelance web design business in 2017. 

This decision opened the door for me to the wonderful world of WordPress, altering the trajectory of my career in ways I could have never anticipated. 

Since then, I’ve designed and developed many WordPress websites with a primary focus of conversion, performance, and simplicity. I’ve worked in different niches including, eCommerce, Learning Management Systems, membership, business, blogging, and many more. 

Today I work with some awesome clients, helping them to solve their business problems, build tools for clients and fellow developers, and share my journey experiences through my newsletter.

Personal Life

I am a self-motivated and spiritual person blessed with a wonderful family and a circle of friends I can reach out to even at midnight. 

I am engaged to my beautiful fiance - Ankita in November 2023 (soon to be married). She is smart and spiritual and works as a Data Analyst Professional. 


Currently residing in my hometown, Vidisha, India, I've carved out a small haven for myself where the magic happens.

During leisure moments, I immerse myself in reading books, watching anime, drawing, and exploring new places through travel.

Closing Note

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. 

I’ve always believed in enjoying the journey over fixating on the destination. Because the destination is just a stepping stone to the next destination. It’s the journey that leaves you an indelible mark. 

Through my experiences, I've learned that there are no shortcuts to success. Hard work, time investment, and patience are the currencies that pave the path to achieving goals.

I want to share my lessons and experiences with you to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Once again, thanks a lot for taking out some moments to read this. I look forward to connecting with you.


- Mayank Majeji