To me, privacy is everything and I highly respect your privacy. 

I only collect personal information that you decide to share with me such as your name and email address while subscribing to my newsletter. 

Read the following points to understand how I collect, use, and disclose personal information. 

  • I will collect personal information to analyze and optimize the content publish on my blog to improve the reading experience through the use of cookies. You can turn off the website cookies anytime without my permission. 
  • I will use the personal information to send you regular updates about the newly published content and deals that are relevant to you and benefit you in some way. 
  • I will collect information by lawful means and only with the consent and knowledge of the individual. 
  • I do not share any personal information that I collect with any third-party entities. 

Here are a few things that I would like to share with you – 

  • I will try to protect the information using the required security safeguards. 
  • I am not responsible if someone republishes the content of my blog on other websites without my permission. 

I reserve the right to change/modify my privacy policy without any prior notice. 


Mayank Majeji