WordPress Contributions

My Story with WordPress

My WordPress journey began with the creation of a blog and evolved into a livelihood as a developer, where I earn my bread and butter using WordPress.

In 2012, I started using WordPress to create a personal blog focused on topics that piqued my interest. During that period, I hadn’t delved into crafting WordPress themes or plugins.

A couple of years later, my reintroduction to WordPress came with a fresh perspective—as a developer. Discovering its open-source nature, vibrant community of enthusiasts, and global WordCamp events, I found myself captivated. 

I wear multiple hats in the WordPress ecosystem. Beginning as a blogger, I utilized WordPress to express my ideas and passions. As my journey evolved, I transformed into a developer, crafting websites for both personal projects and clients. 

As my passion for WordPress deepened, driving me to actively contribute to the platform as an enthusiast, creating an all-rounded connection with the dynamic WordPress community.

Core Contributions

My WordPress contribution journey started when I attended my first WordCamp in Pune in 2019 and ever since, it has become a responsibility that I hold dear.

Core Contributor
Meta Contributor
Plugin Developer
Translation Contributor
Translation Editor

In the years since then, I have: 

  • Contributed 2 free plugins to WordPress.orgs’ plugin directory.
  • Contributed to WordPress core, translation, and meta projects on WordPress.org. 
  • Helped answer questions on various support forums including WordPress.org, StackOverflow.com, and Facebook groups. 
  • Build tools to help people understand the science behind a WordPress website. 
  • Helped many clients and solved their business problems using WordPress. 

The notion of giving back to the WordPress community continues to amaze me, fueling my commitment to contribute as much as I can.


UnmaskWP is a specialized WordPress tool designed to unveil the technologies employed in a WordPress website, providing valuable insights into its underlying technology stack.


UnmaskWP effortlessly answers critical queries about a website’s WordPress configuration, answering whether – 

  • A site runs on WordPress, 
  • Identifying the WordPress theme in use
  • Listing installed plugins
  • Categorizing them into free, and premium plugins, and
  • A detailed analysis of the website’s WordPress infrastructure.

My Plugins in WordPress Repository

With a passion for creating solutions, I've crafted and shared plugins in the WordPress Repository, offering users valuable tools to optimize their websites.

Performance Plugin

WP Utility and Performance

WPUP plugin allows you to remove unused CSS and JS enqueued by WordPress core, third-party themes, and plugins. It helps you to improve your website’s performance.

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Search Plugin

WP Full Screen Search

WPFSS converts the default WordPress search form to full-screen overlay search forms. Overlay forms tend to reduce distractions for your website audience.

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Attending WordCamps

Attending my first WordCamp in Pune was a transformative experience, bringing me face-to-face with a vibrant community of WordPress enthusiasts gathered in one place.


Since that moment, I’ve cherished every opportunity to attend WordCamps, never missing a chance to connect with and learn from the diverse and passionate WordPress community.

The event, organized and volunteered by WordPress enthusiasts, showcased the collaborative spirit that defines open-source initiatives.